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The calm before the storm and during the storm

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

What I like about the human mind is how it can be affected from within. That means how our own actions are able to change our thinking and state of mind. Let’s disregard “fake it till you make it”, positive thinking, and similar topics. It’s not about the result, it’s about the principle. It is our own decision that has some form of positive impact on us.

After years of working with scripts and creating calligraphy, I noticed an interesting effect on myself. Once the mind is tired, unsure or simply out of order, I grab the nearest brush and ink. Or a simple pencil, and I write. Whatever the words... These are sometimes random, sometimes specific texts. The important thing is the process itself, not the meaning of those words.

Such writing does not need to last an hour. If I want to calm my mind, it can take just a few minutes. Not that an hour would do any harm, sometimes that is exactly what happens. Some time ago, writing for peace of mind was an active exercise. Nowadays, it is a subconscious reaction. It takes some time for me to realize I am holding a pencil and that there is a paper filled with words in front of me. It is similar to meditation, but not with the purpose of stopping thinking about everything. The mind should be focused, but on only one thing. On the stroke of the brush, circle, feeling of the paper, and slight hush of the pen.

I love that process. The pencil or a pen will completely change the mindset within minutes. For the exercise to have long-term results, it is vital to “meditate” regularly and for a long period of time. But even a small change is worth it.

I have been testing these thoughts during the past few months on workshops, and it works marvellously. It is astonishing how much the mind is relaxed when it may focus only on one thing. Just create in peace and not having to think about anything else. Just to be clear – not thinking about anything else is the necessary state, not just a recommendation. And calligraphy is the perfect tool.

So just a few more tests and the workshops will be available. I cannot keep this just to myself.

Stay tuned, it will be a ride.

Art on!

Fux Karachovič

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