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Salsa and calligraphy in Ulan Bator

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Starting this blog to summarize what is going on around me and in the world of calligraphy. Jumping down the rabbit hole and hoping to find something interesting. Let’s hop and hope.

Last October I went to Mongolia for a full month to explore, create connections and get to know the country. Two weeks of travelling and two weeks of urban exploration in the capital city – Ulaan Baatar (UB). Without any specific idea I simply dove into the streets and found a very lively city full of interesting places. And with the luck of my own I realized there is a lot of salsa dancing going on, almost daily one can dance his shoes off. I met a wonderful guy Ihab, British gent, who brought salsa to UB, many great dancers and wonderful sights from the top floors where we danced. It didn’t take long, and I was approached by a European looking couple and that was one of the best coincidences of my whole trip.

It went like this:

Couple: “Hi, where are you from?”

Me: “Czech Republic. And you?”

Couple: “So we can continue in Czech, right? We are from the Czech Embassy in UB.”

So, we chatted for a while and as it went very well, after a few other meetings I was invited to come to Mongolia again. This May. The European days are taking place in UB and Czech Republic had to be represented. No-one turns down such an offer. As I like to explore ideas and options, I decided to show something extraordinary. The stage will be set on the Sukhbaatar square and I shall perform with a brush of 150cm. For years I was hoping to get the chance to create with such a brush and finally it is here. On such a great event.

My plane leaves in 3 weeks, there is a lot to prepare, but the excitement is there, and I cannot wait. I will keep you posted.

Art on, my friends.

Fux Karachovič

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