• Fux Karachovič

Pixelated brush

I bought myself an apple. Around the middle of May I became an owner of an iPad.

Originally it was just a  practical decision that soon turned into a gate into the world of digital art. I have not dismissed my brushes, my collection of fountain pens and Molotow markers are too precious. I was simply very interested in working differently and to compare it with my earlier works. Few years old works to be precise. And let’s start with that:

Year 2012, my friend’s nickname. Chochkin.

Using a charcoal, I wrote on plain paper and was sending people’s names for their birthday.

This simple throwback feels like archeology – gradually I find my mistakes and see improvements. . It’s been 8 years and it is laughable. All the time spent learning the basics and slowly getting better. It is an amazing process and I enjoy calligraphy even more today. And I still post words for people on social media. This time the tables have turned, people ask for words they wish to see.

A bear.

And what have you been up to 8 years back? What changes do you see with you and others?

Let me know!

And as always, art on!

Fux Karachovič

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