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Passengers, captain talking, four days to liftoff

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Before I get on the plane, it is vital to check the equipment. Passport, visa, rubles for coffee in Moscow, and tugriks for a taxi from the airport in Ulanbator. Then just to sit and fall asleep, ideally – the time difference is six hours and arrival at six in the morning. And that is the beginning of Saturday. First day of a business trip to Mongolia.

By the end of May, there are European days, and I shall be part of the representatives of the Czech Republic on Sukhbaatar Square. If everything goes well, there will even be a live stream! Then come the preparations, schedule alignment, and meeting the GIANT BRUSH.

Being 150 cm long, it represents a bit of a challenge to get used to it. It is true, however, that whoever held a broom before got a head start – but it will be hilarious anyway. And it shall accompany me, so fanfares – it is a dream come true! The Giant brush will be finally mine.

Do not worry; you will get a chance to see the Giant brush even on the Czech soil – a month later I will introduce it on JunkTown. Just do not forget to check on my blog in a week for more details.

On the Square I will cooperate with other artists, some of them will be present in Prague Quadriennale which is an exhibition of various art forms which takes place every four years. The event will be great for sure.

Check Facebook and Instagram for photos, details and live stream.

Captain over and out.

Art on!

Fux @Fux Karachovič

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