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Pain and Feeedom

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

“What do you want me to write?“

"I don’t know, anything.“

And suddenly, silence. What does she want me to write? What do I want to write?

I used to write on people very often at parties, and most of the answers were the same. What would it be? I don’t know. Often they chose their name and that was it. The usual solution was to ask for a favourite animal and the art was set (on skin). The other was to take what came up first – a part of my poem. The result was to have a nice Mongolian writing and that was it. I was supposed to write anything and anything was written. But is there any grand design? Is it something that will stay at least in that person’s mind? I guess not...

Once you can do anything, buy anything, create anything, paralysis will emerge. Being confronted and stuck with so many opportunities. The fear of not choosing the best, or not choosing anything at all, applies to art as well as to many other fields. A blank canvas awaits your creations. But where would I place the first dot? What colour to use?

One great solution to overcoming such paralysis is creating restrictions. If such a limit is not set from the start, I would add it myself. Anything is still better than nothing. I would write only words starting with M. I would throw some paint on the canvas and write without touching them. Toss a coin. The brain suddenly starts working in a different mode, it enjoys solving a problem and then there is action.

Limitations are a great creative impulse, making the choices a lot more fun.

How would you limit preparations of an exhibition? All ideas are equal. Let me know!

Art on!

Fux Karachovič

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