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Mr. Brush

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

During the two last events, be it in May in Mongolia or at Plechova huba, it was not possible to miss an item I sought after for a long time in Czech Republic. And which I got in Ulaanbaatar under strange circumstances.

Imagine flying to Mongolia to perform calligraphy on Sukhbaatar square, and for that you have ordered a brush from China. The second thought is easy, it is only a bit south, that should be a piece of cake. The idea is perfect, planning on point, all paid up front. All you can do is wait for the package.

The original vision was a 150 cm long brush. A big performance, a big brush. The order was handled by the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ulaanbaatar, which also received it. The unboxing of a thin long item began and we could not wait to see it live. Well, the word “beauty” does not cover any part of it. The picture shows what had arrived.

The Embassy and I were promised a marvel. False. 4 single hairs and a bamboo gardening stick. I was even ashamed to carry it outside of the building. Not to speak about a performance for an audience. With this toothbrush I could maybe swipe the pavement hoping it would break, explode, and end my torture.

None of that happened. Actually, the drama was handled quite well. I called my friend Serg, also a calligrapher, for advice. We tried different inks, papers, and the results were… zero. That expensive tomato stick was useless.

So I packed it again and back to China it went.

I won’t have this.

Luckily, Mongolia is a land of calligraphy. Already the third art supplies shop had what I was looking for. 80 centimetres instead of 150, but still. It was Mr. Brush. Half a yak of hair, the handle was perfect and we got along very well.

And with a few performances behind us already, we are looking forward to more. Let’s hope to see you there too.

Art on!

Fux Karachovič

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