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Mouth of Steel – The chilli eating contest

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

A few weeks ago I set a canvas on fire. Again. It is one of the things I like about calligraphy so much. Not just setting things, people, ground, or myself on fire, but live performances in general. There were two big ones in 2019. One postapocalyptic show on Junktown, and a while before that a splendid event on the main square in the capital of Mongolia. I enjoyed each in a different way, but both were live, wild, and full of action.

“Plechova huba” (aka Mouth of Steel) is a yearly event for special fire experienced through eating chilli peppers. I believe even the grass outside must have caught on fire. I was invited there by one of the organizers – Otus Hobst. For those who attended my Junktown event, he was the one in charge of music. The rest of you can check his profile.

I named the performance “I am the Firestarter.”

One of the reasons was the date – 28th October. A national holiday in Czech Republic. On this day Czechoslovakia was established. I believe you can imagine the connection, even though not many of us can remember it.

The support music was … wait for it … Prodigy, Firestarter. Accompanied by Mongolian metal and throat singing.

One of the non-living actors was Mr. Brush. A good friend whom I brought from Ulaanbaatar. Counting the hair, he is 80 cm tall. With ink he weighs almost 2 kilograms. Real pleasure to work with him.

Which canvas format suits him the best? Being such a colossus requires at least 20 metres long, 1,5 wide. I settled at 5 metres. After all, it should be enough, right? Mr. Brush did not complain, sucked in the ink, spilt some on the concrete and paper, and wrote a few beautiful words. And the audience was satisfied as well.

Truth be told, a canvas on fire with ink and paints is not too common in the Czech Republic. That is why I spoke to the audience for a while to explain what just happened. And a video will be out as well, but for now, check the photos.

A great event indeed. Both calligraphy and consensual suffering of chilli-eaters. I would really enjoy more of similar events.

Were you there?

And as always –

Art on!

Fux Karachovič

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