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Khuushuur the Czech way

If you ever went to my presentation about Mongolia, you sure remember the part about food. Be it buuz dumplings, milk tea suutee tsee or khuushuur. As Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction debates the topic of breakfast and finds out where to get the Big Kahuna burger, you could debate places to eat in Mongolia. Where do you get the best buuz? Khaan Buuz would be one of the places for sure.

With a vivid image of Mongolian food, I never thought that I could create something even remotely as epic at home. But I had hope! (Even though I don’t have many illusions about my cooking skills.)

Luckily I have friends in Ulaanbaatar. A colleague of mine, Sergelen Bayasgalan, who accompanied me to a few such buuz places, sent a recipe. Naadam khuushuur. And what started as a quick thought, missing lunch, and a Youtube quirk was a meal. Recipe is HERE. Photos as well:

All is in place. Those who can read (and speak Czech) will realize I was shopping for beef and came home with pork. Stuff happens.

A ball of dough is an amazing thing. If you are looking to tire your hands or make a face mask.

The big ball is made into small ones, then rolled, then balls again, but with meat. A bit repetitive I must say. Especially when you do not have 300g of meat but 500g, and try to stretch the recipe accordingly. Apparently the recipe was for a very hungry family of six.

Dough balls with meat, repeat the rolling process. Improvise with a bottle of future sauce.

Got the meat pancakes, seeing through the dough, time to put it into oil for some great shapes and diet.

While frying the khuushuur some of them were snatched by hunger, so some photos are missing. Violators were not punished.

Experimental khuushuur eating:

a) Khuushuur and coffee -> YES

b) Khuushuur and scrambled eggs -> YES

c) Khuushuur and tomatoes -> YES

d) Khuushuur and khuushuur -> YES.

End of experiment. Buuz next time.

Art (and food) on.

Fux Karachovič

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