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Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Twice and that’s it? I already flew to Ulaanbaatar via Moscow, and it was an awesome experience every time. Mongolia is the same – great every time. I always find something that surprises me and shows me new horizons... Sometimes literally.

This year I’m going for my third trip. And it’ll be long. Almost four months of travelling, calligraphy, new insights, people, and experiences. I kept the first trip in a diary. During the second, I gave up writing altogether and sent a photo or a piece of text from time to time. Well, the third time I’ll provide a full service. Photos, scripts, writings, and shocking details.

You’ll find everything under #FuxSharesMongolia.

(Almost) daily dose of Mongolia will contain:

  • specks of mongolian language (i.e. the word magic is literally magical)

  • photos of interesting places, yurts, Mongolians, horses, yoghurts and so on

  • vlogs about the whole process

  • mongolian music (even Mongolian rap is entertaining despite my lack of rap tolerance)

I could add randomness as the last item on the list, as there are such things happening around me pretty much nonstop. Sometimes I barely believe it has happened. But that is just my life.

Is there anything specific you would be interested in? Let me know!

And art on, of course.

Fux Karachovič


And the first music piece is here: Taazaa hudlug! Move your hips!

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