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From Israel to Mongolia in 10 years

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Every now and then someone asks why have I chosen the Mongolian script. I do enjoy talking to people about calligraphy and Mongolia, but why keep the information just to myself. I wish to spread the word even to those who I don’t meet often.

Before I fell for this beautiful country and script, I studied Hebrew at primary school. The script was great, the teacher was Jewish, and I was part of a group of people who were repairing Jewish cemeteries in Moravia (Czech Republic). Later, the great saga of Lord of the Rings came, and I felt the urge to learn the dwarven runes (there was only a little step towards Nordic scripts) and Tengwar (elven script, I can highly recommend). With one more step I started studying Sanskrit at university and its incredible script of Devanaghari. At this stage it was impossible not to learn Cyrillic.

Suddenly, love at first sight. I was studying general linguistics and one of the lectures covered the “Chinese and barbaric languages”. Up to this day I don’t understand why Mongolian was barbaric. During one lesson the teacher showed us a book that changed my life. It was covered in the Classic Mongolian script and I knew I had to learn it. Which proved to be a hard task as, at that point, I didn’t even know how the script was called.

Seven years later I know the alphabet. I have many friends in Mongolia, fellow calligraphers and there is not a day I do not wield a marker or a brush and write. I have no intention of changing it. There is no other script I find more beautiful than this one. I tried most of other scripts, tried its calligraphy but they lack the flow. I will simply go on writing this vertical beauty, experiment, but I will never leave it. Love at first sight stays for life.

On the other hand, development cannot be stopped and so did not the evolution of the Classic Mongolian. One of the following topics will be covering different types of Mongolian script, how it evolved and why it was introduced by the great Chinggis Khaan.

Art on!

Fux Karachovič

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