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Four months in Mongolia and the one time I didn’t go anywhere

One of the things you simply do not expect during a chill family weekend are four subsequent heart attacks. One per day on average, probably to let me know it won’t slow down. Two messages on Messenger, a discussion, and a phone call to wrap it up.


It all started with a message from Tamir*. After greeting me with „Salut, ca va?“ he set off where we left off in May last year – a plan to create a wonderful project near Kharkhorin, former capital of Mongolia, where I am to participate. To be exact: I am to help with decorations, creativity and to represent the rest of the non-mongolian world. And also I am to arrive in March and stay until September. HEART ATTACK No. 1. Even though I knew there weren't many of us, five fingers would suffice for non-Mongolian, but Tamir searched and has not found anyone else. Only the two of us. And the other one was busy. After some time of focused breathing, a shot of whisky, I sat down and started planning 2020 as a year of wonderful wonders.


Day two, a message from the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Mongolia. I am to prepare and send a draft for an art project about improving the air pollution awareness in the capital city and thus support the cause. HEART ATTACK No. 2. I sent the draft, inverted calligraphy was a clear choice. Then had another shot and added one more month of calligraphy into 2020.


The third shock happened the moment I realized that Tamir’s project overlaps with the pollution project. HEART ATTACK No. 3. Shot, armchair, debate. For a long time I would not have guessed such things would be happening, not to imagine they would overlap. And Tamir won that round of time-decisions.


Fourth day, phone call. „Hey Fux, we are looking for a traveller who would go with Tatra kolem světa (Tatra around the world) to accompany them through Mongolia.” Good bye, much obliged, my heart rate bid farewell and the heart stopped beating for a while. HEART ATTACK No. 4. I was lucky in this case, no overlap and the month of travelling was right after Tamir’s project. I met the leader of the adventure, we spoke a bit, and I started planning some more.

And then someone did not cook their bat well-done.Then people travelled with a virus. Then Mongolia closed its borders. Then Czechia closed its borders. Then I stayed at home for a month, Tatra got stuck in Turkey, and Tamir stayed in Poland.

And so the year 2020 crumbled into pieces along with most of the plans.

So for now I am not going anywhere – now the most exciting adventure was a trip to the kitchen and sometimes to get some wine. But that is some serious travelling.

Hopefully in autumn, perhaps spring 2021. Will see later, zero idea now. But I can’t and won’t stop creating, and online workshops can happen as well.

Art on, let’s share Mongolia remotely for now.

Fux Karachovič

*Tamir, full name Tamir Samandbadraa Purev, is an amazing calligrapher, originally from Mongolia, now living in Bretagne, France.

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