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European days among the nomads 1/3

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

The Czech Embassy in Ulaanbaatar invited me to European days, where I had a great opportunity to represent the republic as a calligrapher. After my arrival, I was supposed to have a week for practice with a giant brush, discussions with other performers and more preparations. At least that was the idea.

The brush – the appropriate one did not arrive on Tuesday but on Friday evening. Precisely 36 hours before the performance. Luckily it did not ruin the whole event, because as you can see on the pictures, the brush is magnificent. I was a little surprised by its weight, as I spent the 36 hours with it in a very close contact. But it was surely worth it.

Discussions – I spent the majority of the week with Mr. Altanochir. He spent years studying in Prague and nowadays he is a renowned puppeteer, who was awarded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This great man was my guide and interpreter. We visited many other artists, calligraphers, musicians, actors and clowns, who would be performing with us. And, of course, a delegation that is currently in Prague Quadriennale. Even though Altanochir speaks very good Czech, from time to time I had to use my Russian, Polish, some Mongolian and a few English words.

Preparations – that meant mainly debating with my fellow calligrapher, to purchase all the supplies, paper, ink, and mainly to practice with the brush. As I lived in a guest house, afew young Mongolian ladies, who run the place, had lots of fun watching me running around with the brush exploring its full potential.

Sunday came soon enough and I met the deputy ambassador, Mr. Zajíček on the Sukhbaatar square. We went through all the details and the time movedgently until noon, when I met Altanochir, the actors, and we went to pick up the costumes. I did not expect to perform in a European historical costume. On the other hand, the contrast was stunning. My colleague had a long del, traditional mongolian coat, I had a hat with a feather and it all started.

I’ll continue the story in a few days. Check out the photos in the meantime.

Calligraphy on!

Fux Karachovič

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