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Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Probably everyone, who aspires to be a professional in his field, is working on improving his knowledge along with knowing personas that work in the given field. It doesn’t have to be a celebrity or a famous person, it could be just a colleague. In my case the field is calligraphy and I connect myself to the world this way. Nowadays, it is not so hard as there are many Facebook groups that gather people from all around the globe, and it takes just a few clicks to get in.

I am a member of many such groups that focus on specific topics or general ideas. In one of these we discussed that amount of work that is visible to the client and activities that are literally invisible.

The best example would be the moment I deliver a calligraphy. The result was finished in ten seconds. The precise time the brush spent on the canvas. And that raises questions – why should such art cost that much if it was created so quickly?

I do not wish to dive into pricing of work for now, that is a different topic. I wish to talk about the effort it takes for the result to look breathtaking. One direction is effort over a long period of time – I have been working on Mongolian calligraphy for over 7 years. The second direction is the effort on the specific project. And one of those directions is not visible on the result – the work on the project.

Once it is decided what I shall write, what tools I will use, and on what canvas, only then the hard work starts. The angle of the brush, pressure, and an endless stream of new versions. Only then I can find the perfect shape the customer wants. The sixty versions are not a final number. Sometimes there are more, if I am practicing just one letter. Then it is not ten seconds, but eight hours when it is repeated. Version after version, feedback on each stroke, line and shape. This process is not visible – and it should not be. Only the result should reflect it.

Long period of time.

Here lies an area of art which is often neglected. By both artists and the audience. When we take a look at the artist and the level he achieved, it represents daily work, dedication, and limiting all other activities. In fact, this is an effort that one cannot prove, one can only estimate based on the results.

What do you think? How do you perceive doctors, writers, lawyers, calligraphers, teachers and other professions?

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Art on.

Fux Karachovič

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